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Searching for a job isn't easy. Neither is managing a career. But with the right partner on your side, the whole process becomes more manageable - and your goals become more attainable. Career Services is here to deliver career opportunities and career guidance that are right for you every step of the way, so you can focus on reaching your next moment of career success.


CV Writing 

Make an impact – a ‘stand out ‘resume is the first step to success.
 The best in you is brought out - your personality is accentuated with CV writing service; you can have it in four different career levels – we pledge to guarantee your satisfaction. Choosing your career level is so simple - just follow this guide:

Entry Level

Choose Entry level CV writing if you have less than 1 year of overall work experience - your position/discipline or line of work is unimportant.

Executive level

Choose Executive- level CV writing if you have less than 3 years of overall work experience – line of work or discipline and your position is irrelevant.

Managerial level

Managerial level CV writing if you have more than 3 years of overall career experience in any industry - (if you’re not seeking a Director level position or above.)

CXO Level

Choose CXO level CV writing if you are seeking - or have previously held one of the following positions: Director-level position, senior management position, Vice President or a Consultant, self-employed, a doctor, or attorney-at-law.

Other Career Services

Interview  Coaching 

Why and how do some people always get the job they want?   They know exactly how to outsmart at an interview!
What about You? Looking in circles for expert coaching? Interviews - frankly tell us how many of you have felt butterflies in the tummy – tell us how many of you have said “I will just face it” – ALL of us have said that at some point in our lives – until we found any counsel or guidance.
This is the purpose of – Interview coaching (personality development) If you really want a well paying job in a recognized establishment - make an impact – and clearly avoid any setback.
You'll find our interview coaching useful whether you are trying to settle down on your first job, getting back to work after a career break or simply trying to take another step up the career ladder. It’s not just for beginners – for anyone out there hunting for better prospects.

Career Counselling

Are you concerned of any possible drawback? Do you need career advice? 
 Our Career counselling service guides you in:
● Choosing or changing a career  
● Assessing abilities, interests, and priorities; 
● Graduate school options and the admission process; 
● Job searching; 
You'll find our career coaching useful when you are trying to pick your first job, returning to work after a career break or simply trying to take another step up the career ladder.   

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