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Institutes Alliances

"Powerful Collaboration Creates Powerful Results"

We work together with educational and professional institutes that have certificate, diploma, higher diploma, degree and postgraduate programs. This facilitates us to pick candidates in demand to increase the quality and quantity of an assortment of contenders/nominees.

Our Institutes Alliances gives you:

  • Web Link Exchange: career webpage / other related web link of the company and URL
  • Brand identity by featuring company logo on homepage, newsletters and also through the social media content sharing.
  • micro-page to display institutes company information associated details.
  • Career guidance program targeting students - undergraduates & graduates
  • Joint event / activities / promotions with team
  • Career solutions at discounted rates for both the registered students and the institute.
  • Banner Advertising options based on space availability

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Partner Testimonials

Your website is a great job portal that really targets jobseekers and has allowed sourcing hard to find candidates. Ramanayake Impression (Pvt.) Ltd is proud to be associated with a resource like – a dedicated job portal which always aims to place right candidate on the right job. I would just like to congratulate you for being able to provide such a great service for the community.

Gayan Ramanayake,
Managing Director,
Ramanayake Impression (Pvt.) Ltd.

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