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HireMe™ - SAY Hireme!

Hunting for a job or managing your career is not an easy task - with the right partner beside you the whole procedure becomes manageable - and your goals become more attainable. is here to deliver career opportunities and career guidance that are right for you, every step of the way, so you can focus on reaching your next moment of career success.

Let us take care of your talents and strengths! We help you make your cover letter and resume; we can expose you via all CV search channels! Save your time in exploring the job search options day in day out– Just leave it in our hands – you are taken care of with zero hassle for you. Within just 8-10 weeks, we present you for 3 or more interviews – all you have to do is say Hireme!

HireMe service caters active jobseekers up to the managerial levels irrespective of the industry type. HireMe process as follows:

Pre-evaluation of the profile: 
 Do a telephone consultation to understand your requirement/dream job, career and educational background, job search goals etc / evaluate the profile to assess the possibility of offering HireMe service with the assistance of skilled consultants.

Resume Review and editing:
 Perform a free CV review / craft a new resume / highlighting the required skills and competencies and identifying potential.

Mapping potential opportunities and resume promotion:
  we spot the best opportunities in your dream job category or industry and promote your CV with recommendation.

Scheduling Interviews: 
We offer you 3 or more interviews in respective industry/ job category within 8 - 10 weeks. Provide personalized and professional guidance to face the interviews effectively.

Follow- up:
We communicate with relevant employers and give you the interview feedback along with any areas to be improved for better career prospects in the future.

To get started or to learn more, contact us now.

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