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HIRE Top-Notch Talents

We are determined to help you pick the finest recruits while being proactive and highly adaptive in developing personnel of different caliber that could fulfill your strategic business objectives.

Our meticulous search formula begins with a thorough understanding of the calculated goals of each client, the specific benchmark and competencies expected along with the culture of the organization.

We follow a professional process - that certifies our candidates possess traits other than just meeting the technical pre-requisites.

1. Pre-Assignment Process

  • Confirmation of Proposal
  • Acceptance of Memorandum of Understanding
  • Commencement of assignment – following the analysis on clients' specifications

2. Profile gathering

  • Review database profiles/ advertised Search profiles/ profiles from other sources with the position description, selection criterion and / or other requisites.

3. Initial Screening Process

  • Initial screening of CVs stored up as per synopsis on vacancies
  • Preliminary short-listing of prospective candidates
  • Short-listing of all CV's, identifying the availability and consent of the applicant prior to submission of CV to the client organization; report on candidate would be attached with necessary remarks – pertinent to the JD.

4. Interview & assessment process

  • Schedule and coordinate client interviews providing professional support to the Selection Panel at interviews - if required.

5. Finalization of Selection

  • Coordinate and conduct reference checks of finalized candidates on or before completion of selection.
  • Organize and facilitate negotiation of remuneration terms if required.

6. Placement Follow-Up

  • Communicate with client and the candidate after selection and placement; further assistance is available on request.

These fundamentals combine to deliver an effective and comprehensive approach to our executive search - in meeting your requirements.

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Post Box Service

Post Box Service with offers professional assistance in advertising and forwarding response report with exclusive range of personalized services.

  • In-house media team for making of attractive advertisements
  • Hospitable contacts with the print media to ensure prominent allotment.
  • Retain confidentiality of recruitment and corporate identity of the client.
  • Up- to -date free Job Ad posting on website, social media and alliance network.
  • Comprehensive report on overall response.
  • Time saving, personalized service.

Screening of Response service delivery team bestows a professional and faster service of shortlisting CVs in alignment with your assessment methods or utilizing our own with an all-inclusive report on short-listing.

Human Capital Advisory (HCA)

Human Capital Advisory (in Association with of WILLRICH HOLDINGS is one source for all your human capital needs.

Our deep expertise in all facets of human capital enables us to develop and deliver customized, comprehensive solutions to address your needs and provides immediate access to a wide range of expertise in Human Capital Management. For additional projects, we “hit the ground running”. Duplication is eliminated, and with minimal learning curve projects are undertaken more quickly, projects run more smoothly and results are more likely tailored to the your specific situation.

Our Servicers

  • CXO Level Recruitments
  • Learning and Development
  • HR Advisory
  • Legal Advisory